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The CSH library provides the entire scientific community of Delhi with essential bibliographical resources, both for research and teaching activities. To French students, researchers and teachers, as well as to the Indian academics specialized in French Studies, it offers a bibliography in French that is very difficult to consult or acquire in India. To all, and in particular, to Indian social sciences students, researchers and teachers, it offers the opportunity to consult a rich collection of titles in English.

Visit our library at www.csh-delhi.com

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Emotions, mobilisations and South Asian Politics The Aadhaar Effect: Why the World’s Largest Identity Project Matters India's communities H - M: volume 5 India's communities N- Z: volume 6 India`s communities : A-G Communities, segments, synonyms, surnames and titles Identity And Identification in India People of India : an introduction Growth and inequality : Muslims in Indian cities : Dissent on Aadhaar : Sepoys and the Company : tradition and transition in northern India 1770-1830 In Pursuit of Proof : A history of Identification documents in India Delhi's Meatscapes ; Muslim Butchers in a Transforming Mega - City Rethinking Capitalist Development

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